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Help! My Teeth Are Yellow and Dingy

Help! My Teeth Are Yellow and Dingy

If the number of advertisements for teeth whitening “systems” is any indication, plenty of people are concerned about their teeth not being as bright and white as they’d prefer. Your teeth can look less than pristine because of staining, poor hygiene, or thinning enamel. 

Dr. Stephen Hiroshige and his staff have two main goals. The first one is helping you enjoy excellent oral health. The second is helping you feel great about your smile. Dr. Hiroshige offers numerous cosmetic procedures, including at-home whitening and Zoom whitening. 

Why do my teeth look yellow? 

Often, teeth become discolored because of stains—and sometimes those stains are from foods and beverages you might not realize can lead to problems. For example, foods like blueberries and marinara sauce can lead to stains. Red wine, coffee, and dark-colored sodas are other stain-causing culprits.

Smoking is a common cause of stained teeth. We encourage you to celebrate quitting by having your teeth professionally cleaned. Some medications can lead to discoloration, as well. If you suspect your medicine could be a problem, talk to your doctor. 

Sometimes teeth look yellow or dingy because they haven’t been professionally cleaned in a long time, or perhaps ever. People who have a fear of the dentist may find a professional cleaning greatly improves the whiteness of their teeth. 

Another common reason for teeth to look yellow is thinning enamel. Although enamel is one of the hardest surfaces in your body, over time, it can wear thin. When it does, the dentin beneath becomes more visible, and dentin may appear yellowish or grayish in color. 

What can I do about yellowing teeth? 

Happily, you can take steps to get your bright smile back. If you have staining or if you haven’t gotten regular professional cleanings, that’s a good place to start. Often, having your teeth cleaned in our office along with regular brushing and flossing can restore the whiteness of your teeth. 

If a professional cleaning doesn’t quite do the trick, you may want to discuss professional whitening with Dr. Hiroshige. We offer two options. 

At-home whitening

The at-home whitening we offer is not like the kits you can buy at the drug store in two important ways. The first is, we provide a more concentrated whitening solution, and the second is that the trays are customized to fit your teeth much more snugly than mass-produced ones can. 

Zoom whitening

Our other option is Zoom whitening, which is done in our office. It involves applying a solution to your teeth, then instead of letting it sit on your teeth to work, Dr. Hiroshige uses a specialized light to activate the solution and brighten your teeth. 

Learn more

If you aren’t happy with the way your smile looks, schedule an appointment to talk to Dr. Hiroshige. Whether you need a cleaning or professional whitening, or some other treatment to reach your smile goals, we can help. 

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